The Committees

Alongside the main group we have a number of committees to help meet the aims of our mission statement.

The Teaching Committee

The EMCA4RJ teaching committee aims to address racial justice in education by a) confronting the white, anglophone-centric bias that in EMCA teaching materials, and b) providing new and accessible resources that better represent the diversity of global interaction.

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The Data Session Committee

The data session committee aims to organize monthly activities that support collective learning on racism and other systems of oppression, as well as promote skills development for justice-oriented EMCA research. We currently host three types of sessions: 1. Data sessions, where members of the group bring their own research data to analyze as a group, 2. Current events data sessions, where members of the group analyze interactions that emerge from current events related to race and racism, and 3. Learning sessions, where the group reads and discusses key texts on race and other systems of oppression.

The PR Committee

The purpose of the PR committee is to promote the EMCA4RJ community of scholars and racial justice approaches to research and teaching. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about EMCA4RJ, would like to invite an EMCA4RJ speaker to present at your organization, or would like to interview an EMCA4RJ member.

The Website Committee

The website committee helps organise and maintain this website. If there is any issues with the content, or new ideas for things we should include, please get in touch.